Thermaltake Core P3 case takes up less wall space

Earlier this year at Computex, we took a peek at Thermaltake's Core P3, a wall-mounted case that puts the hardware inside on full display. Thermaltake has now officially released this open-frame chassis.

The Core P3 iterates on last year's Core P5. Like an open-air test bench, the Core P3 is missing most of its side panels. Detachable feet allow the case to stand vertically or horizontally. Additionally, the case can be mounted to walls using a special bracket. (This optional bracket isn't included in the box, though.) A clear acrylic panel provides some protection from splashing coffee and flying objects.

As an ATX mid-tower case, the Core P3 is compatible with a wide variety of hardware. It fits Mini-ITX, microATX, and ATX motherboards. A unique expansion-slot riser lets builders show off their custom-cooled graphics cards. The case fits graphics cards as long as 17.7" (450 mm), but users who want to use a radiator and reservoir for cooling are limited to 11"-long (280 mm) GPUs. The Core P3 also provides several options for storage devices. Two drive trays that fit behind the back panel accommodate 3.5" or 2.5" drives. Addtionally, the right side of the case has a large open area that can fit three more 2.5" drives, three 140-mm fans, or a 420-mm-long liquid cooling radiator.

Speaking of liquid cooling, the Core P3 is more compatible with all-in-one liquid coolers than the Core P5. The Core P5 required a special bracket for AIO liquid coolers, but by slimming the case down to 18.5" x 13.1" x 20.2" (470 x 333 x 513 mm), Thermaltake removed this hurdle. Alternately, the Core P3 can handle air coolers up to 7" (180 mm) tall.

The case's size wasn't the only thing that Thermaltake shrank. The Core P3 is currently available for $120. That's $50 cheaper than last fall's Core P5. The standard model is black, but Thermaltake has also announced a white Core P3 Snow Edition counterpart.

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