June 2016 Steam Hardware Survey: now with more VR

Valve has its latest Steam Hardware Survey numbers up, and for the most part, they show that past trends are continuing. Windows 10 adoption is still on the rise: 45% of Steam users are now on Windows 10 64-bit. That number is up by 3.4% from May. Quad-core CPU adoption is rising too, albeit slowly—46% of respondees have CPUs with four physical cores, versus 47.2% with two. Intel still dominates the CPU sockets of over three-quarters of Steam users, while Nvidia GPUs occupy a PCIe slot in more than half of those folks' machines.

Valve's preliminary information on VR headset adoption is perhaps most interesting among the numbers it's collected. Apparently, two-thirds of VR users on Steam are using a Vive. No doubt ready supplies of the headset are a key driver of sales for HTC, but Valve's numbers probably don't represent headsets that aren't used with Steam apps. While the Vive is dominant, less than one-fifth of one-percent of Steam users (0.15%) have one, and only 0.22% of Steam users have VR headsets at all.

The GeForce GTX 970 is still the most-used discrete graphics card on Steam by a wide margin. 7.4% of DirectX-12-capable graphics cards on Steam are GTX 970s. The GTX 960 trails its GM204 cousin at about 5% share, and the GTX 750 Ti comes in third at 4.2%. DX12-capable cards are in 69.6% of Steam users' PCs, but only a little over half of that number are actually in Windows 10 PCs—a requirement to run DX12 software. It appears Valve tried to report Vulkan numbers as well, but that data unfortunately isn't being displayed correctly. We'll have to see how these trends continue to move once next month's numbers roll around.

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