Microsoft's final Windows 10 upgrade prompt goes full-screen

The free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends July 29, and Microsoft wants to make sure that all users that haven't yet upgraded are aware they have a limited time to do so for zero dollars. To that end, Microsoft has er, upgraded the upgrade prompt to a violet-colored full-screen version, clad in the company's Metro Modern styling.

Unlike some previous versions, the new upgrade request has four clearly-defined options: "upgrade now," "remind me later," "notify me three more times," and "do not notify me again." Despite the prompt being a full-screen interruption, the changes in labeling are welcome, after the recent debacle where some users had their operating systems upgraded by mistake. Heck, the upgrade screen now says "sorry for the interruption," too.

Microsoft says the upgrade offer won't appear to anyone whose computer doesn't meet Windows 10's requirement, has the "Get Windows 10" app installed, or has previously ran the Windows 10 upgrade but then chose to roll it back. Should users choose the "remind me later" option, they will be prompted again in three days.

Despite the strong-arm tactics, Microsoft's release of Windows 10 seems to be success. The company reported back in January that the new operating system had 200 million active users, a number that has surely grown by now.

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