GeForce 368.69 drivers are ready for Dirt Rally VR

Nvidia is keeping up the pace with its "Game Ready" driver releases, and today marks the release of the 368.69 WHQL driver. The big-ticket item this time around is support for Dirt Rally. The latest entry in Codemasters' rally-racing franchise briefly had VR support, but it was buggy and lacking in basic usability features like VR-friendly menus. Codemasters' next update to the game, due "any day now," will be reintroducing VR support with Oculus SDK 1.3, and the game will be debuting on the Oculus Home storefront, as well.

Also included in the new driver are SLI profiles for Armored Warfare, Lost Ark, and iRacing: Motorsport Simulator. No new known issues have cropped up since the last release, but that multi-monitor power bug that Jeff wrote about awhile back is still listed. GeForce owners can pick up the latest driver through the GeForce Experience app or download it from Speaking of GeForce Experience, Nvidia is offering a beta test of version 3.0, and it's giving away GTX 1080s to random testers for the trouble. Sign up for that beta here.

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