Nvidia's VR Funhouse and Ansel game photo tool will arrive soon

When Nvidia announced the GTX 1080 at Dreamhack back in May, the announcement overshadowed the fact that the company also teased a few upcoming software products. The Nvidia VR Funhouse demo is slated for release later this month, according to the Nvidia document that also heralded the forthcoming GeForce GTX 1060. Meanwhile, the Ansel in-game photo tool will be coming to Mirror's Edge Catalyst today, while The Witcher 3 will add the technology "later this month," according to Anandtech.

VR Funhouse is a standalone demo for Pascal's VR-focused features, like Single-Pass Stereo, Simultaneous Multi-Projection, and Lens-Matched Shading. We talked about VR Funhouse before, but the short version is that it's a collection of ten different casual games meant for room-scale VR. The demo is open-source, too, so that developers can learn from it how best to implement VR on Pascal. The app will be free, so anyone with the requisite hardware—an HTC Vive and a Pascal GPU—can enjoy Nvidia's takes on boxing, archery, and basketball later this month when the VRWorks demo hits Steam.

In case you're out of the loop, "game photography" is a new hobby that explores the visual design of video games by taking carefully-authored screenshots. These images are taken for the love of the art, not as press shots or for marketing purposes. Like any great art, however, they do make for awesome desktop backgrounds.

Ansel, then, is a tool designed to cater to budding game photographers. With it, players can swing the camera around a paused gameplay scene to find the right angle, and then apply image filters and supersample the picture before capturing it to disk. Images can be simple screenshots, or full 360-degree panoramas, in stereo or otherwise. Ansel is coming to Nvidia GPUs from the Kepler, Maxwell, and Pascal families, although games will need to add in their own support for the tool. Nvidia says that support will be in The Witcher 3 and Mirror's Edge Catalyst when Ansel launches.

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