Samsung launches a fleet of fast, tiny UFS memory cards

Samsung's recent advances in the storage front have been nothing short of impressive. Not that long ago, the company announced a single-BGA-package NVMe SSD. Now, the company's storage division is at it again with its new UFS memory cards. While these slivers of storage may resemble microSD cards, they're actually a new standard that will likely require new slots or adapters to be useful.

The new cards support the JEDEC "UFS Card Extension Standard," which means they're quite a bit faster than even the UHS-II microSD card standard. Samsung says the cards have a sequential read speed of up to 530 MB/s, while sequential writes can go as high as 170 MB/s. According to the company, those figures make the UFS cards about five times faster than a "typical" microSD card.

The sequential operation numbers are impressive on their own, but the random I/O figures are even more so. Samsung says the UFS beasties can execute up to 40,000 random read IOPS as well as 35,000 random write IOPS. As a point of comparison, Samsung says a regular UHS-1 microSD card can do about 1,800 random read IOPs and a paltry 100 random write IOPs. The company envisions these cards inside drones as well as DSLR, 3D, and VR cameras. Capacities range from 32GB all the way to 256GB.

Updated 7/8/2016 at 8:36 AM to clarify that UFS and microSD are competing standards with different physical requirements.

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