Corsair ML-series fans promise long life and low noise

Corsair is bringing out a new series of case fans using magnetic-levitation bearings. The fancy bearings claim to reduce friction between the blades and the rotor hub to almost nothing, which could eliminate bearing noise and drastically prolong the life of the fan compared to typical sleeve or ball bearings. The ML series fans include 120-mm and 140-mm models, which come in basic or Pro varieties. While the fan motors and blades are unchanged, the ML Pro fans include rubber corners to dampen vibration. They're also available with red, white, or blue LED lighting.

Magnetic-levitation bearings aren't actually new or unique to Corsair, but the company says its fans use a unique new bearing design. The fans max out at 2400 RPM for the ML120, or 2000 RPM for the ML140. At those speeds, the ML120 produces 75 CFM and the ML140 moves 97 CFM. Alternatively, the noise-conscious can take advantage of the fans' wide PWM range and run them all the way down to 400 RPM. They aren't cheap, though. Corsair says the new fans should be available now starting at $34.99 for a pair of ML120s, or $24.99 apiece for the ML120 Pro.

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