Asus Chromebook C301SA offers Intel power for $299

After our head-nerd-in-charge Jeff was delighted with the Chromebook Flip, we've been keeping an eye out for new machines running Google's lightweight OS. B&H Photo Video has a pre-order listing up for an Asus Chromebook C301SA, and it looks like a pretty good value from here. While Jeff's Chromebook Flip is a tiny 10" device with a 32-bit ARM processor, this is a 13.3" machine with a 1080p display and an Intel Celeron N3160 inside.

Sure, the N3160 is a 1.6 GHz quad-core Braswell that has more in common with Atom processors than other Celerons, but even then it should send the ARM Cortex-A17s in the Flip's Rockchip SoC scurrying. It can hit 2.24 GHz in bursts, too, which should help power through some of the occasional sluggishness we saw in the Chromebook Flip. Asus equipped this particular machine with 4GB of memory and 64GB of eMMC. That's a lot of local storage for a Chromebook—as much as Google's top-end Chromebook Pixel.

B&H is asking just $299 for this machine. That low sticker doesn't include a touchscreen, which might make using Android apps on the device a bit tricky in the future. That limitation won't matter for more laptop-like usage patterns, though. Missing touch screen aside, the C301SA appears to have most everything a budget notebook needs: 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connections and USB 3.0 and HDMI ports for peripheral expansion. B&H says the C301SA will begin shipping in late August.

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    • juzz86
    • 3 years ago

    I (Australian) see B&H all the time and always immediately think Benson and Hedges, hehe.

    Good to see them branching out – shame this isn’t in the trademark gold, though.

    • Kurotetsu
    • 3 years ago

    You can buy a Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2015) w/ Core i3-5015U Broadwell processor, 4GB of RAM and 16GB of SSD storage (plus SD card expansion) for $279.99 right now (for as long as Prime Day lasts).

    [url<][/url<] (You need to add it to your cart before you can see the discount) That seems like a better deal (for as long as Prime Day lasts).

      • tipoo
      • 3 years ago

      Yep, still my Chromebook pick. 1080p IPS screen is lovely, good keyboard and trackpad, actually surprisingly good speakers (even though I laughed at the designed by skullcandy logo), and full on Broadwell rather than Atom rebranded Celerons.

      • NeelyCam
      • 3 years ago


      I guess Prime Day deals last only for a short period of time… I for one don’t have time or patience to start waiting and hunting for those deals.

    • djayjp
    • 3 years ago

    “Sure, the N3160 is a 1.6 GHz quad-core Braswell that has more in common with Atom processors than other Celerons…”

    Can you explain this assertion please? Oh nvm quad core right, and yet it’s still referred to as Braswell…? Really confused.

      • tipoo
      • 3 years ago

      I think all the explaining it takes is that Intel wants to distance themselves from Atom, so certain Atoms were rebranded into Celerons. Which sucks, because there’s also full Broadwell Celerons, that you know…Are actually good.

    • trackerben
    • 3 years ago

    It doesn’t show if it’s USB3 Type-C powered.

      • End User
      • 3 years ago

      It should be. The faster the industry adopts Type-C as the power source (for suitable laptops) the better it is for all of us.

      • DrCR
      • 3 years ago

      After getting used to my now long retried MBP’s MagSafe almost a decade ago, everything else seems archaic.

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