Early deals of the week: a Nexus 5X for $269 and more

Hello, good folks! We're interrupting your scheduled programming to let you know about some early deals of the week. No need to check your clocks, it really isn't Friday yet. Newegg and Adorama are running some fine sales on all sorts of computing hardware, almost surely in response to Amazon's Prime Day. Most of these offers are limited, so let's get down to business.

  • Looking for a new phone? Look no further, then. Newegg is selling an unlocked Nexus 5X handset in black with 32GB of storage for $269. No further explanation necessary.
  • Photographers worldwide can never have enough storage for their pictures of Kardashian's behind. Adorama is here to help, running a sale on SanDisk memory cards of all shapes and sizes. You can get the company's speedy 200GB microSD card for $58.95. If you prefer regular SD cards, Adorama has a 128GB model for $64.95, a 256GB version for $122.95, and the 512GB big momma for $299.95.
  • Repeat after us: there's no TR deals post without SSDs. This week's offers include Crucial and OCZ drives. Newegg has the Crucial MX200 500GB on offer for $134.99 with promo code 0711FANTECH76, and the 1TB model for $269.99 with code 0711FANTECH77.
  • On the OCZ corner, Newegg has deals on a couple of Trion 150 drives. You can grab the 120GB version for a piddly $34.99, while the 480GB model will set you back $94.99 with code 0711FANTECH84.
  • Should you need a lot of solid-state storage, SanDisk's Ultra II 960GB drive is on sale at Adorama for just $164.99. That's a pretty absurd $0.17/GB when you do the math.
  • Of course, you may be thinking you'd rather have a big drive for your NAS or home server. HGST's Deskstar drives are well-regarded when it comes to reliability, and the 4TB NAS model is on offer at Newegg for $139.99 after promo code 0711FANTECH500.
  • Even though we love our high-powered custom-built PCs, not everything these days needs to be quite so... heavy. Intel's NUCs are wonderful choices for office computing, while still packing a respectable punch. Newegg has good offers on two NUC barebone machines: one fitted with a Core i3-6100U CPU for $239.99 (with code 0711FANTECH504), and a version with a Core i5-6260U inside for $336.99 after code 0711FANTECH503.
  • We love our fancy peripherals, and we're sure you do too. G.Skill's MX780 is a fully-featured gaming mouse with an 8,200 DPI sensor, an ambidextrous design, and RGB LED lighting. It's on offer at Newegg for $39.99, which can only be classified as "great deal."
  • Overclocking is all fun and games right until the CPU starts throttling. Fear not, for we can help. The Cryorig H7 is a beefy tower HSF fitted with a 120-mm fan and a fancy fin design. The whole contraption measures only 145mm tall, which ought to let it fit in most PC chassis. Newegg is selling the H7 for a measly $29.90. That's right, thirty bucks for a really nice tower heatsink. Grab'em while they're still, uh, cool.
  • Last but not least, we have music for your ears. Newegg has a sale of some pretty good audio gear, and we took note of a few items. Polk's Monitor70 Series II is a well-regarded five-way floor-standing speaker, and it's selling at Newegg for only $159.99 a unit. Can anyone bring me a couple when you visit? I have port wine to offer.
  • On the deeper end of the frequency range, we have two subwoofers. The Polk PSW505 is a 12" 300W sub that should prove a nice companion to the speakers listed above, and it's on offer for $188 at Newegg. If you prefer a smaller unit, Klipsch's Reference 10" 100W sub is selling for a very affordable $129.99.

That's all for today, folks. Many of these deals are likely to run out soon, so grab your credit cards and hurry up.

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