Enermax ETS-T50 heatsink keeps its cool with 250W CPUs

Enermax just announced the ETS-T50 AXE, a new heatpipe-based tower cooler with a 120mm fan attached. The company says this tower is suitable for CPUs with up to 250W TDPs. Yes, that's right—an air cooler which can handle an AMD FX-9590. 250W is a lot of dissipation for a single-fan, single-radiator cooler, and Enermax says it has achieved that number through advanced technology. It claims seven patents went into this "blizzard master." If you're curious about what Vortex Generator Flow, Pressure Differential Flow, and Dust Free Rotation mean, you can watch Enermax's video below.

The technology isn't all talk, though. The fan on this heatsink uses what Enermax calls a twister bearing, which appears to be a form of maglev technology like the Corsair fans we talked about recently. The cooler itself, which uses five 6-mm heatpipes, is offset slightly to prevent contact with especially tall RAM. On the back of the cooler, there's an exhaust guide that can be rotated to direct the hot air leaving the radiator. And of course, the fan has customizable RGB LED lighting. Enermax says the new cooler will be available late this month.

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