AMD and Firaxis join forces to bring DX12 goodies to Civilization VI

The Civilization family of games is without a doubt one of the most popular and long-running franchises out there for the PC. Developer Firaxis has big plans for the next title in the series, Civilization VI. Owners of Radeon graphics cards will be pleased to learn that AMD and Firaxis have joined forces to implement a DirectX 12 rendering path for the game, including explicit multi-adapter and asynchronous compute support.

While asynchronous compute support is arguably of greater benefit to Radeon graphics cards than GeForces, it's exciting to see another title adopt DirectX 12's explicit multi-adapter support. That feature allows developers to split workloads across multiple cards without the use of proprietary multi-GPU setups like SLI and CrossFire. No matter whether you bleed red or green, it should be possible to gang together graphics cards from either major vendor (or even cards from both companies in the same system) to get some kind of performance boost.

This partnership isn't the first time AMD and Firaxis have teamed up. Civilization: Beyond Earth was one of a few high-profile titles that offered support for AMD's Mantle low-overhead API before it was reborn as Vulkan, and the companies also worked together to implement the unusual split-frame rendering method on multi-GPU rigs for that title. Civilization VI is up for pre-order now, and it'll hit store shelves October 21 for $59.99

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