Razer brings its mechanical keyboard expertise to the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro may not be the gaming PC of the future just yet, but Razer isn't waiting for the platform to churn out desktop gaming performance to get in on the fun. The company is showing off a keyboard case for Apple's top-end slate that features what are claimed to be the world's first mechanical key switches for a mobile device.

Though Asus' ROG GX800 would likely want to contest that "world's first" claim, there's no denying that Razer knows a thing or two about mechanical keyboards. In this case, the company appears to have modified a low-profile scissor switch with some kind of central plunger for better feel.

Razer says its mobile mechanical switches have a 70-gram actuation force, and they purportedly offer "the exact same performance and feel as a full-fledged mechanical keyboard." We'll have to reserve judgment on that point. Each key in this case is backlit for visibility in dark environments, too.

The case connects to the 12.9" iPad Pro using Bluetooth. (No word on whether a similar case will be available for the 9.7" Pro.) Razer says the built-in battery is good for 10 hours of use with the backlight maxed, or as long as 600 hours with the lights out. The case itself is mostly made of polycarbonate, but the kickstand is made of metal. Demanding iPad Pro users can order this case from Razer's store today for $169.99.

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