Pascal DisplayPorts make up with Vives after driver update

Nvidia released a big driver update for several new VR applications earlier this week, but some small fixes got lost in the carnival festivities. A week or so, it came to light that the DisplayPorts on Pascal cards weren't playing nice with the breakout box for HTC's Vive VR headset. The SteamVR application, which manages the Vive experience on the PC side, couldn't see the Vive headset through the DisplayPort for whatever reason, leading to an application error and a non-functional headset.

After some careful...ahem, testing with VR Funhouse and Fruit Ninja VR after a driver update, we can confidently say that the issue is resolved. The Vive works with the GTX 1080 cards in the TR labs seamlessly whether it's connected using HDMI or DisplayPort. The driver also appears to fix an issue with the GTX 1080 (and possibly Pascal cards in general) where the card was unable to boost its core clocks while a VR application was running, as discovered by Tom's Hardware. Whatever the cause, we're happy our Pascal cards are back to running at full strength.

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