XFX Radeon RX 480 Double Dissipation images leak

XFX is one of a few graphics card vendors that exclusively deals in AMD's Radeon GPUs. It comes as no surprise that XFX appears to have its own custom RX 480 in the late stages of production. Courtesy of Korean hardware site Quasar-Zone, we have some pictures of the "Double Dissipation" board XFX could be releasing soon.

Of particular note is this card's custom board design featuring an 8-pin power connector. That choice could ensure that the card will have sufficient power for both stock settings and overclocks without straining sensitive components. XFX will surely be shipping this card with some degree of factory overclock, as the company has shipped even one of its reference designs with a mild OC. Earlier rumors placed that clock rate around 1330 MHz. Curiously, it also seems the rumors about XFX including removable fans on this card were true.

The pictured board has the same output cluster as the reference card, with one HDMI port, one DVI port, and three DisplayPort connections. Unfortunately, we don't know the actual release date or pricing for this product yet. With luck, we'll get an official release and more details soon.

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