Super Talent Nova PCIe SSDs expand the U.2-niverse

Californian memory company Super Talent is throwing its ante into the NVMe pot with the new Nova SSD family. These 2.5" MLC drives are 9.5mm thick and come in capacities up to 2TB. They connect to hostsĀ using a U.2 connector, and they provide transfer rates up to 3,000 MB/s on sequential reads and 2,200 MB/s on sequential writes. Unfortunately, Super Talent doesn't present random access performance data, so we can't compare it to the other U.2 disk we've tested.

U.2 connectors aren't common outside of the most recent X99 motherboards yet, but we expect that to change in the future. A U.2 port occupies a lot less space on a motherboard than an M.2 socket, yet it provides the same performance benefits. U.2 SSDs generally come in the same 2.5" form factor as SATA SSDs too, which means they're easier to adopt in existing chassis and enclosures. Super Talent says the PCIe Nova drives are available now, but it looks like listings haven't popped up at e-tail yet.

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