PowerColor chills the underworld with a triple-fan Devil RX 480

PowerColor introduced its take on the Polaris-packing RX 480 today with a press release heralding the Red Devil RX 480. PowerColor's take on the new AMD GPU is wreathed in a massive triple-fan cooler reinforced by an extensive backplate system. PowerColor says this design forms a "thermal module" that balances the weight of the card in a system, and it also purports to protect the card if a builder drops it for some reason. Perhaps you can run with this Devil after all.

The "Devil" branding has been around a while as PowerColor's high-end gaming brand, but this is the first time we've seen it on a mid-range graphics card. Historically, the most notable graphics cards bearing the Devil branding have been triple-slot, dual-processor affairs with thermal design power ratings of 300W. This card fits in a saner two slots. It uses a single 8-pin power connector to feed its Polaris 10 GPU, and that chip runs at a 1330 MHz boost clock. That's a nice little step-up from the reference 1266 MHz, and we suspect the card could have more speed to give.

Like some older Radeon 200- and 300-series cards, the Red Devil RX 480 includes a BIOS switch to toggle between "ultra silent" and "overclocking" modes. That's handy for users who don't want to clutter up their machines with vendor-specific tweaking tools. The Red Devil RX 480 will be available July 29 for a suggested price of $269.

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