Nvidia unveils a Pascal-powered Titan X with 11 TFLOPS on tap

Nvidia unveiled the Pascal-powered version of its Titan X uber-card this evening. The new card features 3584 stream processors running at 1417MHz base and 1531MHz boost speeds. The company promises 11 TFLOPs of single-precision performance from a board power of 250W.

While details of the silicon itself are light right now, this new Titan X is without a doubt our first look at a "bigger Pascal" chip, which the press has dubbed GP102 in the absence of more info. That GPU has a 384-bit path to 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at 10 GT/s. Nvidia says it built this chip with 12 billion transistors on the same 16-nm FinFET process it's using to fabricate its other consumer Pascal cards. The new Titan X will be available August 2 for $1200 from Nvidia's online store.

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