Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 hot-rods Polaris 10

Sapphire officially took the wraps off its long-awaited take on the Radeon RX 480 this morning. The Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 puts a beefy twin-fan cooler on Polaris 10, and Saphhire uses the extra cooling capacity to dial in a boost clock of 1342 MHz (compared to 1266 MHz on the reference RX 480). The card uses an eight-pin power input, and Sapphire wraps its custom PCB with a sturdy-looking backplate, too.

Like any respectable gaming product nowadays, the Nitro+ RX 480 has RGB LED accents on its cooler. Those LEDs can be tweaked in Sapphire's Trixx overclocking utility or with a dedicated button on the back of the card. The built-in profiles can cycle through the colors of the rainbow or respond to temperature or fan speeds.

To make the Nitro+ more VR-friendly, Sapphire replaced one of the RX 480's DisplayPorts with an extra HDMI port. The company didn't offer pricing or availability info, but PC World got its hands on a review unit. The site says the 4GB Nitro+ card will list for $220 sometime next week, while the 8GB card will go for $269.

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