Adata covers all of its bases with fast, durable external SSDs

Samsung isn't the only company on the market with a portable SSD to its name. The folks at Adata are taking a couple different approaches to providing portable yet super-speedy storage. The SE730, SV620, and SC660 drives each offer a distinct approach to the external SSD concept.

The SE730 is a 250GB drive that measures just 2.8" by 1.7" by 0.4" (72.7 x 44 x 12.2 mm), and it weighs just 33 grams. On top of the inherent durability of flash memory, Adata claims this drive meets IP68 standards for water- and dust-proofing. The drive offers a USB 3.1 Gen2 connection through a Type-C port, a setup that's claimed to deliver 500 MB/s sequential speeds for both reads and writes. That may be thanks in part to the fact that the SE730 uses MLC flash, rather than the more common TLC. Adata says this drive will be available through Amazon and Newegg for $140 in red and gold finishes.

The SV620 and SC660 are more affordable drives in larger enclosures that use the USB 3.0 interface. Each can deliver speeds up to 410 MB/s for sequential reads and writes. The SV620 has an aluminum case with raised edges that Adata says are meant to protect its finish, while the SC660 uses a more rugged-looking casing. Both drives are inherently shock-resistant. A 240GB SV620 will run buyers $95, while a 480GB version will go for $169.99.

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