TT Premium Edition RGB LED radiator fans play better together

If you'd like to replicate the wall of RGB LED fans Thermaltake had on display at Computex this year, the company can now make it happen for you. The Thermaltake Riing LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition spinners (yes, seriously) are described as Thermaltake's first "digital radiator fans." That's because they plug into a proprietary USB fan hub that allows software control over the color of the RGB LEDs in each connected fan along with fan speeds. By daisy-chaining fan hubs, users can create an array of up to 48 fans across 16 controllers.

The TT Premium Edition radiator fans themselves are 120-mm spinners with hydraulic bearings and rubber noise reduction pads on each corner. The RGB LED ring that gives these fans their name is visible from both inside and outside the fan housing, which we have to admit is a rather cool effect. These spinners will be sold as sets of three with a fan hub in the box. Thermaltake didn't indicate a price for the RGB LED goodness, but a similar set of Riing 12 RGB fans on Newegg goes for $65. We'd expect a premium over that figure for these spinners.

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