Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer ends tomorrow

When Windows 10 launched on July 29 of last year, Microsoft made the surprising move of offering the operating system as a free upgrade to most Windows 7 and 8 users. As of May, Windows 10 has been installed on over 300 million devices. For those who've held out on Microsoft's free upgrade offer, it's been a long year of system tray notifications, recommended updates, and full-screen prompts. As of tomorrow, however, the free upgrade offer will end.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will be released on August 2, offers features which might tempt some to make a last-minute switch to Windows 10. The updates to the Windows Store will be welcome, as will the changes to UWP that will allow games to disable vsync and make use of adaptive refresh technologies. Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana is getting a number of updates, and in a suprising nod to the Linux community, Microsoft is introducing a Windows subsystem that will allow users to run native Linux binaries on Windows.

On the other hand, Microsoft has continued to receive criticism over the data it collects from Windows 10 users. France's data protection commission declared on July 20th that Microsoft has been "collecting exessive personal data," and gave the company three months to change its practices.

After the free upgrade offer ends, users interested in Windows 10 will need to purchase the operating system. Microsoft currently offers the Windows 10 Home edition as a download or on a USB thumb drive for $120. If the prospect of paying for that upgrade is enough to force you off the fence for Windows 10, be sure to act soon.

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