Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.3 serves up the bugfixes

AMD's driver team has been busy lately. A little over two weeks since the July 12 release of Radeon Software 16.7.2, AMD has published a new driver release, predictably numbered 16.7.3. The new release appears to be primarily a bugfix release, as the release notes list fixes for thirteen specific issues.

Big-ticket items fixed this time around include Radeon Wattman retaining failed overclock settings, graphical corruption in Hitman's DX12 mode, and display flickering under Freesync on the Radeon RX 480. Radeon Settings should show the correct Vulkan version now, and Dota 2 should now display shadows correctly in Vulkan mode. "Advanced Blending" in DiRT Rally should work now, and Dragon Age: Inquisition should no longer crash when changing settings in Mantle mode.

In more niche fixes, both Crossfire and Eyefinity got some love. Overwatch should no longer crash on Crossfire rigs, and flickering in Need for Speed and Rise of the Tomb Raider should be resolved. Meanwhile, this driver should fix texture gaps in Doom on three-display Eyefinity setups. Finally, task switching with two cloned displays during exclusive fullscreen mode shouldn't cause flickering on the extended display, which should please projector gamers.

The driver isn't entirely bug fixes, though; AMD says Rise of the Tomb Raider performance is up by 10% versus the previous driver on the Radeon RX 480. That game's performance on AMD hardware has trailed GeForces, so it's good to see the company focusing its efforts there. The list of known issues has expanded too, although whether these are new or simply newly-enumerated issues isn't clear. Check out that list at the release notes, or grab the latest driver at AMD's download page.

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    • WaltC
    • 3 years ago

    The 16.7.3’s also fixed the security certificate issues with Win10x64 1438x/9x Insider builds that mandated secure-boot be turned off in order to install and run all Crimson driver packages after 16.5.3 (which always installed and ran fine in all Insider builds.) Culprit apparently had something to do with the use of SHA-256 driver certificates, which didn’t exist in the 16.5.3 and earlier Crimson releases, which were SHA-1 signed. AMD got that pesky bug squared away just in time for the Win10x64 Anniversary release on 8/2, I was very glad to see. The workaround was easy enough–just turn off secure boot–but it’s nice not to have to do that since I don’t see much point in UEFI booting without secure boot being on.

    • Klimax
    • 3 years ago

    Can’t find it anywhere: Does anybody know if their performance boost for RoTR is in DX 11 or DX12? (It’s not mentioned in notes)

      • mkk
      • 3 years ago

      I’m sure it’s up to 10% in both cases. 😉

      Something I’ll find out later today is whether they remembered to include the “additional settings” in this package…
      (which they did after all, hope it stays in now until replaced inside the new UI)

    • Shobai
    • 3 years ago

    Hm. I tried to update twice last night, and both times the installer finished downloading, the popped up two error dialogs telling me that another process was using the installer so it couldn’t finish…

    Will have to try again tonight.

      • Shobai
      • 3 years ago

      Hm. Ended up having to manually run the setup.

    • DPete27
    • 3 years ago

    Eesh. Is it just me, or did a lot of those bug fixes sound like pretty serious issues?

    To me, driver-related bug fixes should be niche glitches that very few users would ever encounter unless they had found a perfect combination of game/settings/hardware.

      • flip-mode
      • 3 years ago

      They’re still bug fixes. Not all bugs are small.


    • JosiahBradley
    • 3 years ago

    Finally a reason that explains why overwatch kept locking up my system. I love this brisk pace of driver releases.

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