Poll: Did you take Microsoft up on a free Windows 10 upgrade?

Microsoft's free update offer for Windows 10 expired this past Friday. Most of the TR staff took that offer almost as soon as it became available, and we've long recommended buying or upgrading to Windows 10 with a new PC in our System Guides. Despite the fact that most everyone we know has had a frustration-free experience with Microsoft's latest OS, a vocal user base has been holding out in the year since Windows 10 became available.

Some folks were concerned about the amount of phoning home Windows 10 performs, even if it's possible to turn most of its telemetry features off (and if we discount the fact that it's almost impossible to browse the web these days without accumulating a number of tracking cookies to begin with). Other folks might have preferred the warm, familiar blanket of Windows 7's user interface, although my 87-year-old grandfather is getting on just fine with the move from 7 to 10. We suppose it's also possible that some folks' PCs just weren't up to the task of running Windows 10.

Now that the free upgrade offer has expired, we're curious what the state of the Windows install base on TR readers' PCs is. Perhaps you succumbed to the siren song of free stuff, as we did. Maybe you built a new PC and had to buy Windows 10 outright. Perhaps you're sticking with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, or you couldn't upgrade at all. Whatever the case may be, tell us about your decision using the poll below.

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