1. Electic Tech reports that AMD seeks Intel antitrust documents
    and Windows XP SP1 pre-release is out
  2. Designtechnica on which hosting situation is best for your business
  3. Viper's Lair on Windows XP product activation
  4. Tweakers Asylum reviews SystemWorks 2002
  5. Disney cartoon renews Napster debate (thanks David Kirby)

  1. VIA Arena has VIA 4-in-1 driver v4.35
  2. JC's reports that AMD endorses Athlon XP for multiprocessor operation? (thanks billb)
  3. Fast-MHz has the BIOS Wizard
  4. LostCircuits reviews Shuttle SV24
  5. Amdmb reviews NVIDIA nForce chipset
  6. SocketA reviews Soyo Sy-K7V Dragon Plus
  7. GamePC reviews MSI K7T266 Pro2
  8. t-break reviews DFI NT70-SA
  9. HotHardware compares Soyo SY-K7V Dragon and Gigabyte GA-7DXR
Graphics and multimedia

  1. [H]ard|OCP's NVIDIA GF3 shootout
  2. 3DSpotlight reviews VisionTek Xtasy 6964 GF3 Ti 500
  3. LinuxDevices has DIY Linux-based TV set-top MP3 player (thanks billb)
  4. BurnOut Pc reviews Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical
  5. Futurelooks reviews Samsung DVD-V1000 integrated DVD/MP3 player/4 head HiFi VCR
  6. M:6 reviews Case Ace Gear Grip - CRT
Modding, power, case, and cooling

  1. OcPrices reviews CoolCaseMods cold cathode light kit
  2. Mikhailtech reviews Zalman ST-300BLP 300W PSU
  3. Maximum3D reviews Antec SX635 case
  4. I am not a geek reviews AGP AirLift
  5. FrostyTech reviews Arkua 7228 Cu heatsink
  6. 3dGameMan reviews Vantec CCK-6027D Cu cooler
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