MasterKeys Pro M and Pro L keyboards shine with a pure white light

When I write about a glowing computer peripheral these days, I usually have to describe how many millions of colors it's capable of producing. Today's products have the distinction of only glowing in one color. Cooler Master has released two updates to its MasterKeys keyboard line: the MasterKeys Pro L White and the MasterKeys Pro M White. The company suggests these boards offer a cleaner white backlight than what's possible with RGB LEDs.

We reviewed Cooler Master's MasterKeys Pro L and Pro S keyboards in detail last March, and found them to be worthy competitors to Corsair's K70 RGB keyboard. The new models have similar hardware. Buyers can pick between Cherry MX Brown, Blue, or Red switches. The switches are mounted to a metal plate, but the rest of the keyboard is constructed of durable plastic. An ARM Cortex processor inside the keyboard handles the keyboard's independent functions, like the lighting effects and macro recording. A braided, detachable 1.5m cable connects the keyboard to your rig.

The Pro L White and Pro M White distinguish themselves from the earlier models with their lighting effects. Instead of an RGB LED under each key, these keyboards have bright white LEDs. Cooler Master provides five basic lighting patterns, including breathing, wave, ripple, and rain modes. Additionally, there's a mode that only activates a key's LED when a key is pressed. Users can also create profiles that only light up the keys relevant to their current application.

With the MasterKeys Pro M White, Cooler Master offers a different keyboard layout than available with the previous models. The layout splits the size difference between a full-size keyboard and a narrow tenkeyless keyboard. At 380mm wide (14.96"), the Pro M White is 60mm narrower than the Pro L White, but 20mm wider than the tenkeyless Pro S. To slim down the keyboard, Cooler Master combines the arrow keys and numpad into one 18-key grouping.

Availability will start in Europe this month. The MasterKeys Pro L carries an MSRP of 119€, while the MasterKeys Pro M has an MSRP of 109€. Cooler Master hasn't yet announced availability for other regions.

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