Nvidia's Pascal-powered Titan X goes on sale today for $1200

As it promised a week and change ago, Nvidia officially made its Pascal-powered Titan X available today. Don't confuse this card with the Maxwell GeForce GTX Titan X—this card's official name is just the Nvidia Titan X. As of this writing, the card is in stock on Nvidia's online store for $1200, and it's possible to buy a pair of these babies should you want to team them together in SLI. That money buys a chip that we're guessing is called GP102, and it packs 3584 stream processors running at 1417MHz base and 1531MHz boost speeds. GP102 talks to 12GB of GDDR5X RAM running at 10 GT/s over a 384-bit bus, and Nvidia claims it can deliver 11 TFLOPS of single-precision throughput.

Nvidia still isn't sharing all of the details of the GP102 GPU, but here are some of our best guesses about its resource provisions, going by the performance figures that Nvidia has publicly released.

width (bits)
Die size
GM204 64 128/128 2048 4 256 5200 416 (398) 28 nm
GP104 64 160/160 2560 4 256 7200 314 16 nm
GP102? 96? 224/224? 3584 6? 384 ??? ??? 16 nm
GM200 96 192/192 3072 6 384 8000 601 28 nm
Hawaii 64 176/88 2816 4 512 6200 438 28 nm
Fiji 64 256/128 4096 4 4096 8900 596 28 nm

Although this Titan X is undoubtedly the fastest single-GPU graphics card around, Nvidia apparently didn't sample many units (if any) of its latest halo product to the hardware press, so we don't have a great picture of just how the card performs yet. PCWorld got its hands on a Falcon Northwest PC with a pair of Titan X cards inside, and its preliminary results suggest that setup delivers a 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra score of 11,886, while a pair of GTX 1080s in SLI scored 10,442. The site is still working on single-card testing.

Should you be lucky enough to have put down a grand and change on a new Titan X, Nvidia has a WHQL driver available that supports the new card. Keep the 369.05 drivers handy for the day when your card arrives. These drivers add support for the new Titan X, and that's the sole change in the release.

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