Here's how to grab the Win10 Anniversary Update

As you've no doubt heard, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is out. Well, sort of. Microsoft is rolling out the update slowly to all Windows 10 users, but if you'd rather not wait, Microsoft has a procedure for getting the update sooner. You can hit that link to see the full procedure, but we'll spoil it for you: tell Windows Update to check for updates. Your Windows 10 machine should find a "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607" ready for download.

If, for whatever reason, that procedure doesn't work for you, Microsoft also has a tool that will download and install the update for you. According to our unscientific testing, the update itself should take around 20 minutes, but it might be longer on slower or older PCs. If you're still not sure if or why you want the Anniversary Update, check out some of our prior coverage on the new features the update is bringing to Windows 10. (Clocks on every taskbar!)

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