Thermaltake Toughpower SFX PSUs put big power in little boxes

The market for SFX power supplies has been steadily growing as more and more users turn an eye toward small-form-factor PCs, but there still aren't many high-quality models on the market. Aside from a couple of units from Corsair and Silverstone, builders are pretty much stuck looking at the unofficial "Micro ATX" power supply category. That's why Thermaltake's announcement (late last week) of two new 80 PLUS Gold-certified SFX power supplies is big news.

The new power supplies, the Toughpower STP-0450F-G and STP-0600F-G, are both high-efficiency fully-modular SFX power supplies with maximum continuous capacity of 450W and 600W, respectively. The Gold certification means that the power supplies have to be 90% efficient at 50% load, and the power connector allotment—three SATA power connectors, two Molex power connectors, and a floppy power connector—should suffice for its intended use in SFF PCs. These new power supplies use flat cabling, too, which should help with airflow in tight spaces.

Thermaltake includes an EPS12V (4+4-pin) CPU power connector on these power supplies, as well, and if we're reading the specifications correctly, even the 450W model includes a pair of 6+2-pin PCI Express power cables. With a relatively low-power build otherwise, that means a dedicated builder could use one of these to stuff even a mighty Titan X into a tiny little case. SFX power supplies are smaller than the ATX power supplies almost every case expects, and Thermaltake helpfully includes an adapter bracket so that these units can be installed in ATX cases, as well. Thermaltake also warranties the units for seven years.

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