HTC's Viveport front-end will offer VR content beyond games

The SteamVR software interface that powers HTC's Vive headset is a solid tool for gamers,  but HTC wants to broaden the appeal of the platform with its new Viveport hub. This new front-end for the Vive will feature "VR–like information, edutainment, social media, 360˚ video, news, sports, health, travel and shopping" content, according to HTC's announcement.

HTC says Viveport will also include an update for the Vive Home app, which serves as a parallel of sorts to the well-appointed living room in Oculus' Home app. The company was mum on what that update will actually include, so we'll have to test it out ourselves when it becomes available. HTC intends to make a developer beta of Viveport available in the coming weeks, and Vive-wearing consumers can expect a release "later this fall."

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