Report: AMD shipping 100K more Polaris 10 GPUs to board partners

Last week, in a forum thread announcing availability of Sapphire's RX 480 Nitro+, Overclockers UK staffer Gibbo dropped some interesting news. Replying to a poster asking about when the sold-out card would come back into stock, he said the e-tail shop would be receiving more stock over the next two weeks. He then relayed the news, apparently straight from the horse's mouth, that AMD is shipping over 100,000 Radeon RX 480 GPUs to board vendors.

As Gibbo himself says, that would mean that the perpetual shortage of RX 480s may come to an end in the coming weeks. This news also lines up with the expected launch of several companies' non-reference RX 480 cards soon. That's good news for both AMD and for everyone looking to buy an RX 480. We've been saying since our review that while the GPU itself is solid, the reference implementation left a bit to be desired, so the impending launch of non-reference models is exciting. At this point, however, we imagine most will be happy with any RX 480 stock they can find.

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