Dell doles out a duo of variable-refresh gaming displays

We don't have a lot of love for pre-built desktop computers around these parts, but we're fond of Dell anyway. That Texas company produces some of the finer monitors around. Dell has two more monitors on the way, called the S2417DG and SE2717H, and both are gaming monitors. That commonality aside, they serve very different markets.

The S2417DG is the more impressive of the two. As the model number suggests this is a 23.8" display, with a relatively high (given the size) native resolution of 2560x1440. This monitor supports Nvidia's G-Sync, with a variable refresh range of 30-165 Hz. Naturally, as a G-Sync monitor, the display also supports the ultra-low motion blur low-persistence mode. Dell rates the contrast at 1000:1, the brightness at 350 cd/m2, and the response time at 1ms.

That last number probably has more savvy gerbils groaning. Yes, this is a TN panel, with the typical 170° horizontal and 160° vertical viewing angles. Still, the viewing angles and color accuracy shouldn't matter too much for a gamer—particularly not one interested in the monitor's 165 Hz maximum refresh rate. The S2417DG includes both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, as well as a four-port USB 3.0 hub.

The other monitor Dell is bringing out is the SE2717H, and it's a bit more pedestrian. It supports FreeSync instead of G-Sync, but the variable refresh range is only 48-75 Hz. With its 27" diagonal and 1920x1080 native resolution, the SE2717H's PPI is some two-thirds of its G-Sync cousin. On the upside, this monitor does use an IPS panel, and has the 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles expected of such. It has the same 1000:1 native contrast, but slightly worse brightness, at 300 cd/m2. The response time is much worse too, at 6ms.

All told, these two monitors are pretty different, and should serve different customers quite capably. The S2417DG has a very high refresh rate given its WQHD resolution, while the biggest thing the SE2717H has over the S2417DG is the price. TFTCentral reports that the S2417DG will retail for $570 when it hits e-tail later this quarter. Meanwhile, the SE2717H will be out August 16 for just $250. Thanks to Anandtech for the heads-up on these displays.

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