Radeon RX 460 availability check: get 'em while they're hot

AMD's petite Polaris 11 GPU has arrived aboard the Radeon RX 460, and while Jeff slaves away at getting the review finished up, we've taken the liberty of running around the web checking whether any e-tailers have these cards up for purchase. The answer is: sort of. Inventory is spotty and going fast, but it appears there's generally an RX 460 for you to buy somewhere.

Newegg carries no less than eleven separate listings for RX 460s, from Gigabyte, Asus, Sapphire, XFX, and Powercolor. (There was a listing for an MSI card too, but it appears to have vanished.) As of this writing, some of the cards are out of stock, others are in stock, and others still are waiting for stock—they only have "auto-notify" listings.

Pricing on Newegg is a little higher than what we hoped for, but about what we expected. 2GB cards start at $109 for the Powercolor Red Dragon, while 4GB cards top out at $149 for one of XFX's cards. Gigabyte's WindForce OC 4GB is only $129, though, which is a small premium to pay for double the memory. Just read the specifications carefully, as some of the cards do require a six-pin power connector.

Other retailers are a little behind the pace set by Newegg and mostly haven't even listed the cards yet. Amazon has listings for 4GB cards from Sapphire and XFX, matching Newegg's pricing. B&H Photo Video has two listings for Gigabyte cards, but they're not cheap. Best Buy doesn't have the cards listed at all yet, nor do NCIX US, Fry's Electronics, or Micro Center. If you find a cache of them somewhere, let us know in the comments.

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