Micron slaps QuantX label on 3D XPoint memory

Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint memory technology has been drawing attention recently. The companies claim that this non-volatile memory (pronounced "3D cross-point") should provide significantly higher performance than NAND while being much more dense. In advance of its keynote speech later today at the Flash Memory Summit, Micron has released details about how 3D XPoint will appear on the market.

We already know that Intel will sell the memory under the Optane branding, and has a line of solid-state disks on the way. Micron, on the other hand, revealed today that it will sell the memory under the brand Micron QuantX. Computerworld quotes Micron's vice president of storage solutions, Jon Carter, as saying that Micron and Intel have "completely separate" and distinct marketing plans. Furthermore, Carter indicated that its products will focus on data center applications, noting that while QuantX may appear in mobile and desktop products at some point, it won't be in the near future.

More information should be available as the Flash Memory Summit continues, and we'll certainly know more as Intel and Micron get some products closer to market.

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