This photographer is delidding chips at home for our enjoyment

It's rare for companies to release actual die shots of their hardware these days, possibly because the keen-eyed can deduce things about a chip that companies might otherwise want to keep a secret. Generally, we have to make do with Chiclet-like block diagrams, and that's certainly been the case with AMD's Polaris and Nvidia's Pascal chips. However, one photographer on Flickr is deliberately destroying a wide variety of chips to show us what lurks underneath the caps and heatspreaders on CPUs, GPUs, and more. Flickr user "Fritzschens Fritz" has even delidded a Radeon RX 470 to show us the actual Polaris 10 die. We salute you for your sacrifice, Fritzschens Fritz.

The Polaris 10 die. Source: Fritzschens Fritz, on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Other prime specimens in Fritz's collection include an Ivy Bridge-EX Xeon, a Matrox Mystique, and more. I could spend the better part of an hour clicking through these, but I'm in the midst of a graphics card review, so I need to tear myself away. Fritz also has a ton of neat infrared photography in his collection, too, so his photostream is well worth a look. Cheers to Cyril Crassin on Twitter for bringing these pics to my attention.

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