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We've got a nice line-up for you today...
  • The cold, HardOCP has reviewed one of the best looking CPU coolers around, the Orb. Can it beat an Alpha? Read and find out...

  • Bill at CPU Review found a way to review a CPU. Maybe that domain name registration fee wasn't a total waste, eh? And what a CPU it is: the Athlon clocked at 1GHz inside a Sys Cold Fusion 1000 system based on Kryotech cooling tech. Of course, we got 900MHz without any special help, but that's just us. We didn't experience this effect in our tests, but apparently, as speeds approach 1GHz, web pages appear shorter.

  • iXBT Labs has reviewed Aztech's PCI 368DSP sound card. (This card's excellent, Vortex-based little brother, the Aztech PCI338, is pumping rich, clear audio out of the DamageBox II's MidiLand speaker rig as I write.) This card is interesting because it's not based on Creative or Aureal tech, yet it does both EAX and A3D 1.0, has some nice digital effects, and is a known associate of the great Spanish conquistador, El Cheapo.
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