Samsung is now stacking V-NAND 64 layers high

Samsung is dropping the mic at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara. The company has taken a page from Gillette's handbook (in a good way) and announced an upgrade to its V-NAND (Vertical NAND) technology. The company is now stacking flash memory 64 layers high, another density increase over the 48-layer V-NAND we just tested in Samsung's Portable SSD T3.

The new V-NAND chips serve up 512Gb (64GB) of storage per die, and a single die can now move data at 100 MB/s. Samsung expects to offer products based on the new technology in the fourth quarter of 2016, and believes it will be producing 100TB SSDs come 2020. The company is already planning to use the new V-NAND chips for a 32TB (yes, terabytes) enterprise SSD that sandwiches 32 layers of 1TB storage into a 2.5" SAS drive, which will be available next year.

Most enthusiasts' wallets can't quite stretch to behemoth enterprise drives, but there's still hope for us mere mortals. Samsung also announced a new lineup of solid-state drives called the "Z-SSD,"  built around a "unique circuit design and controller." The new units are claimed to have four times less latency and 1.6 times the sequential read speeds of the already-speedy Samsung PM963 NVMe SSD. Expect the Z-SSDs in stores sometime next year.

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