BitFenix Aurora case blends tempered glass and clean lines

BitFenix is announcing some new products that should go together like cookies and cream. The Aurora case is a mid-tower design that can accept E-ATX motherboards, and it can show off those fancy parts with tempered glass side panels. At the same time, BitFenix is adding magnetic LED strips to its Alchemy series of colorful internal components.

First up, the new Aurora case. This chassis is definitely designed to accomodate high-end systems. There are mounts for 240mm or 280mm radiators in the front and top, plus an additional 120-mm mount in the back. Naturally, those spaces can be occupied by a bunch of fans instead, and BitFenix includes a special reservoir mount, too. The case has mounts for four 3.5-inch drives split between two separate drive cages, both of which are removable. It also includes three 2.5-inch drive brackets, two of which are behind the motherboard tray. Conspicuously missing are any 5.25-inch drive bays.

BitFenix has made a name for itself with its modern case designs that blend form and function, and the Aurora continues that tradition. Aesthetics are subjective, but the Aurora's gentle curves should at least be inoffensive. The left side panel is clear to allow visitors to admire your system-building handiwork, while the right side's glass is tinted very dark to hide the mess of wires behind your motherboard tray. The front bezel is available in black or white. Perhaps most uniquely, the case includes an RGB lightstrip controller.

The other new product BitFenix is announcing today is the Alchemy 2.0 line of magnetic RGB lightstrips. They come in 30-cm and 60-cm lengths, and you can purchase them stand-alone or with an included controller. A single controller can handle up to 180 cm of lightstrips, in case you have a positively gigantic case. BitFenix says the lightstrips are constructed with TriBright LEDs, which purportedly have "better color correction and color saturation" than "ordinary" RGB LEDs.

Both the new Alchemy 2.0 magnetic lightstrips and the Aurora case are Asus Aura certified, meaning they will work in conjunction with Asus motherboards and graphics cards sporting the appropriate connections. BitFenix didn't share with us a release date or price for either of the new products.

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