Corsair's Hydro GFX is a ready-made liquid-cooled GTX 1080

We've briefly examined MSI's GTX 1080 Sea Hawk X graphics card here on TR. That product was developed in collaboration with Corsair, who is now selling their own version of the fruits of that partnership. The Hydro GFX GTX 1080 appears to be essentially the same product as the Sea Hawk X, but it carries a Corsair logo for easy coordination with builders' other Corsair gear.

Whether you pick MSI's or Corsair's version, the card looks like it should be a very solid performer. We already know that the GP104 GPU on board the GTX 1080 offers some of the fastest graphics performance around, and this card gets a factory clock boost to around 1847 MHz in OC mode, up from 1733 MHz on the GTX 1080 Founders Edition. Unusually, MSI also applies a small memory overclock as well, so this card's GDDR5X memory runs at 10.1 GT/s versus the even 10 GT/s of the Founders Edition card. Corsair's product page claims that the card runs around 40° C while gaming, so the Hydro GFX may have plenty of overclocking headroom, too.

That low temperature is achieved with a Corsair H55 closed-loop liquid-cooler atop the GPU itself, along with a blower-style fan for the power circuitry. The card itself may actually be the same PCB design used in the Founders Edition GTX 1080. It has the same triple-DisplayPort, single HDMI, and single DVI-D output cluster, as well as the same single-8-pin power requirement. If the fruit of MSI and Corsair's cooperation looks tantalizing, you can pick up the Sea Hawk here on Newegg for $749, or the Hydro GFX from Corsair for the same price.

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