Lenovo throws a FreeSync curveball with its Y27F display

Lenovo is no stranger to making monitors, but we wouldn't associate the company with gaming peripherals off the tops of our heads. The new Y27F FreeSync monitor might change that perception. This 27" display has an aggressive 1800R arc across its surface that some might find more immersive than a flat screen.

To strut its stuff, the Y27F uses a VA panel with a 1920x1080 resolution and a 4-ms response time. Lenovo doesn't talk about the all-important minimum and maximum refresh rates of its display, but AMD's FreeSync page suggests the display has a nice, wide 48-144Hz operating range. FreeSync ranges that wide are rather rare, so we can forgive the panel's rather low resolution for its size.

The Y27F offers FreeSync over both its HDMI and DisplayPort connections. Lenovo also includes a two-port USB hub at the rear of the display, another pair of USB ports on the left side, a headphone jack, and a pop-out headset stand. Best Buy already has the Y27F up for sale at a reasonable $399.99.

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