MasterLiquid Maker 92 puts the entire liquid cooler on the CPU

All-in-one liquid coolers are great performers, but they often require large, dedicated radiator mounting points inside a case. Cooler Master may be giving system builders the best of both worlds today with its MasterLiquid Maker 92 all-in-one cooler. This heatsink packs a pump, radiator, and two 92-mm fans into a dense module that occupies no more space in a system than a traditional tower-style air cooler.

The MasterLiquid Maker 92's 6.6" (167.5 mm) height is large for a tower, but Cooler Master has gotten around this potential issue for smaller systems by giving the Maker 92 a trick. Unlike traditional tower coolers' rigid fin stacks, the Maker 92's radiator can swivel into horizontal or vertical modes, or any angle in between. This flexibility also lets builders direct airflow over the power circuitry around most CPU sockets.

Unusually for a new cooler, the MasterLiquid Maker 92 only claims to be compatible with Intel LGA 2011v3 and LGA 115x sockets. It seems AMD builders are out of luck for now. Cooler Master warrants this heatsink for five years. Expect to see this distinctive new cooler on store shelves in September. True fans of the design can also sign up for a CM Fanzone account for a shot at a limited pre-order run August 30.

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