Nvidia cancels refreshed Shield tablet

Back in 2014, we gave the original Nvidia Shield tablet a TR Recommended award thanks to its impressive performance, solid build quality, and particularly its robust feature list. According to FCC documents, Nvidia was planning to release a new Shield tablet this year, but that same documentation also says that the refreshed model has been canceled "for business reasons."

"For business reasons" is pretty vague, but it's possible that the original Shield tablet simply wasn't a big seller despite its strong value proposition. Tablets simply aren't selling as well as they once were, and the Shield would be in a curious position today as a high-end "gaming tablet." The cancellation also might make sense in light of the persistent rumor that Nvidia is providing the hardware inside Nintendo's next game console, which could have a tablet-like component to its design. Both companies may have wanted to avoid competition with the other.

Of course, there's no reason Nvidia couldn't produce another tablet design in the future—this is only the end for this specific product. One can only imagine what a theoretical "Tegra P1" would be like, but given the benefits that the move to 16nm FinFET fabrication lent to Pascal on the desktop, the concept is tantalizing.

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