Logitech G Pro mouse is beautifully basic

Logitech's G100 mouse came out three years ago with the initial launch of the company's gaming peripheral series, and its simple styling and reliable performance proved a hit with the e-sports crowd. The new G Pro mouse the company announced today draws inspiration from its ancestor, and as a result it has very little of the sharp angles and high gloss we see so often on gaming peripherals these days.

This mouse uses the 12,000-DPI PixArt PMW3366 sensor, beloved among hardcore mousing enthusiasts for its complete lack of prediction, acceleration, and smoothing. That sensor is also used in the G303 and G502, mice which have both earned accolades across the web. In fact, this mouse is functionally identical to the G303. Aside from the shared sensor, both mice have six programmable buttons. The single major difference is the G Pro's flattened, gentler shape versus the G303's sharper curvature.

The mouse is very lightweight at just 85 grams, which might help reduce arm fatigue during those long training sessions. It also has configurable RGB lighting for the logo on the back, in case you thought it wasn't really a gaming peripheral. Logitech is asking $69.99 for the new mouse, another thing it shares with the G303. It isn't available in stores yet, but you can pre-order it on Logitech's site.

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