Zotac Magnus EN10 brings Pascal to Zbox mini-PCs

The launch of the latest series of mobile GeForce chips today is a big deal, and everyone's getting new product launches in as a result. That includes a plethora of performance-oriented portables that we'll be talking about soon, but it also includes VR backpacks and other small form factor PCs. Zotac, masterĀ of the mini-PCs, sent us a note to let us know that the Magnus EN10 line is coming soon, and as you have no doubt already guessed, these little black boxes will pack Nvidia's latest mobile chips.

Zotac's press release is light on details, but we know that at least two models are coming. The EN1060 and EN1070 probably include the mobile versions of the GeForce GTX 1060 and 1070 we reported on earlier this morning. Zotac says that all of the Magnus mini-PCs will be available as barebones systems (missing memory and storage), hardware-complete systems lacking only the OS, and complete systems including Windows 10.

We reviewed the Magnus EN970 late last year and found it to be powerful, compact, and blessedly silent, but felt it was a little expensive to recommend. Still, as we pointed out, the Magnus mini-PCs are quite a bit smaller than even Mini-ITX, and could be the perfect option for living-room PC gaming. The new models will include Skylake processors, and obviously will be VR-ready.

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