Lian-Li introduces two standing desks sans the PC case

The health benefits of standing desks are the subject of a lot of controversy, but even the staunchest proponents of standing to work agree that sometimes you just need to take a load off. A motorized desk seems like the perfect solution to let you stand when you can and sit when you need to. We showed you Lian-Li's DK-04 combination PC-case-and-motorized-desk before, but today Lian-Li is announcing two more motorized desks, this time sans the PC case.

If not for the adjustable height, the DK-12 and DK-16 would be fairly unremarkable (if solidly built) computer desks. The thick legs are built from solid steel, while the desks themselves are wood on an aluminum base. Lian-Li covers the desktop in a "leather-like waterproof surface," and provides holes at each rear corner for cable pass-through.

Of course, the real feature of these desks is the motorized height control. Electric motors, controlled by a small panel to the right of the front edge, raise and lower the desk between 27 inches and 47 inches. Users can save four customized height presets, and a small LED readout measures the current height. Lian-Li says the DK-12 can lift up to 120 kg (264 lbs), while the DK-16 can lift 80 kg (176 lbs).

The discrepancy there relates to the weight of the two desks themselves. The DK-16 is a much larger desk, a hair under seven feet long, while the DK-12 is more akin to a typical computer desk at four-and-a-half feet long. The DK-16 is slightly deeper too, at 31" versus the 28" depth of the DK-12. Both desks have a slight indentation in the front edge, and are a little over an inch thick.

Lian-Li says the desks are available now, and indeed we did find the DK-12 on Newegg for the suggested $899. The DK-16 isn't listed yet, but Lian-Li says it will be $1099.

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