Gigabyte has GTX 1060 3GB cards for PCs of all sizes

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Gigabyte has some 3GB GTX 1060s ready to go, as well. Three of them, in fact. The 3GB family includes Windforce OC, G1 Gaming, and shorty ITX versions.

The GTX 1060 G1 Gaming card is at the head of the line, and it comes with a significant OC over reference, starting at 1620 MHz and boosting to 1847 MHz. The output cluster on this card is in the Pascal-standard single HDMI, single DVI, and triple DisplayPort configuration. Uniquely—at least among Gigabyte's offerings—this card requires an 8-pin power connector.

Meanwhile, Gigabyte's GTX 1060 Windforce OC requires the standard six-pin PCIe connector. Its shorter dual-fan cooler can still handle a factory clock bump to 1582 MHz base and 1797 MHz boost speeds. The card also has a different output configuration from the G1 Gaming model. It offers one DisplayPort and one HDMI out plus two DVI connections.

Last and, well, least (in terms of physical size) is the GTX 1060 Mini-ITX OC 3G. This little card is just 6.7 inches long, and has a single 90mm fan to keep it cool. It starts at 1556 MHz in OC mode, and boosts to 1771 MHz, which is still a decent little overclock from reference. It has the same dual-DVI output cluster as the Windforce model.

Newegg has the G1 Gaming card in stock right now for $229.

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