AMD claws back some discrete-GPU market share

At the Polaris launch in Macau earlier this year, spicy food aficionado and Radeon Technologies Group leader Raja Koduri noted that one of his goals with the new product family was to retake a significant share of the discrete GPU market. Now, AMD has provided us with some information that suggests the RTG is succeeding in that mission. The company provided us with some numbers from the latest PC graphics market report from Mercury Research, and they're relatively rosy.

Going by Mercury Research's information, AMD increased its share of total discrete GPU sales to 34.2% of the market (by unit volume) in the second quarter of 2016, an increase of 4.8 percent from the previous quarter. AMD's desktop add-in-board sales took the most ground, gaining 7.7% over the previous quarter to make up 29.9% of desktop discrete GPU sales.

According to Mercury's numbers, that performance also marks the fourth consecutive quarter of market share gains for the red team, and AMD expects things to continue to improve with the recent launch of Polaris. Perhaps most interestingly, the note that AMD sent along with Mercury's findings also confirms that the company's next high-end graphics part, codenamed Vega, will be launching in 2017 despite earlier rumors to the contrary. Perhaps cards built with that chip will help things along even more.

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