EK adds 140-mm and 280-mm Predators to its AIO liquid coolers

TR readers are probably most familiar with EK Waterblocks for its extensive line of custom liquid-cooling components, but the Slovenian company also launched a line of Predator closed-loop coolers in September of last year. Yesterday, the company announced that it's adding new models to the line with beefier 140-mm and 280-mm radiators.

As you may have already guessed, the Predator 140 will use a single 140-mm fan to move air over its fins, while the Predator 280 doubles up on 140-mm spinners. Like the previous Predator AIOs, the new coolers bring all of EK's liquid-cooling expertise to bear. In fact, they're built primarily from off-the-shelf parts—EK even sells the EK-SPC pump that powers these coolers as a stand-alone unit. The 280-mm version of the cooler includes a special quick disconnect connector that allows builders to tie in a graphics card waterblock. Owners can also use this connector to refill the unit if its coolant runs dry. EK will also be offering the 140-mm Predator with the QDC as an option.

Pre-orders for the new coolers will start September 9. Following that window, EK says the coolers will be available world-wide on September 30. EK hasn't announced pricing for the new coolers yet, but custom-loop quality doesn't come cheap. The 120-mm Predators start at $199.

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