MasterMouse Pro L adopts Cooler Master's modular philosophy

Cooler Master is bringing its modular design philosophy to the mouse market today with its MasterMouse Pro L. This refreshingly simple design comes with a pair of top covers that have different heights for palm and claw grippers. It also includes two pairs of side covers—one with a smooth finish, the other with a rougher texture—so that gamers can get the feel they want under their fingers. If you're one of those "makers" that seem to be getting more and more common these days, Cooler Master also provides 3D schematics of those side panels so that the truly particular can make a pair of grips that's suited to their unique physiology.

Like any respectable gaming peripheral these days, the MasterMouse Pro L offers (mercifully subdued) RGB LED lighting at its rear and under the scroll wheel. This rodent sees with the industry-standard PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor, which can track at nosebleed-inducing resolutions up to 12000 DPI. More importantly, Cooler Master's included software lets gamers tune four on-the-fly DPI slots at 100-DPI intervals.

The ambidextrous Pro L has two side buttons on its left and right sides, as well as a DPI button on its base for on-the-fly switching. Assign the "Storm Tactix" button function to one of the mouse's programmable clickers, and it opens up another layer of button functions while it's pressed. If the base-mounted DPI button is inconvenient, tweakers can re-assign that function to another button, as well.

The MasterMouse appears to be available on CM's online store today for a surprisingly reasonable $59.99.

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