Fractal Design Dynamic X2 fans balance price and performance

We've been fans of Fractal Design's Dynamic series of fans for some time now. We've tested them in several of the company's cases, and they deliver adequate cooling performance while remaining whisper-quiet. Now, the Swedish company is bringing out its second series of Dynamic fans: the Dynamic X2 family. These fans come in 120-mm and 140-mm varieties, with black or white fan blade assemblies.

Fractal Design has a lot to say about the noise-reducing and airflow-improving qualities of these fans, including careful attention to aerodynamics and fan geometry. The original Dynamic fans used a "hydraulic" bearing that the company says is a good compromise between a true fluid bearing and regular old sleeve bearing. The new X2 fans, instead, use an "LLS" bearing that Fractal Design rates for a 100,000-hour mean time between failures. The 120-mm Dynamic X2 fan moves 52.3 CFM at 1200 RPM, and it has a maximum static pressure of 0.88 mm H2O. The 140-mm model moves 68.4 CFM at 1000 RPM, and its maximum static pressure is rated at 0.71 mm H2O. Fractal Design says the new fans should be available immediately, and it suggests prices of $12.99 for the 120-mm X2 and $14.99 for the 140-mm model.

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