Here's the second round of G.Skill prize winners from the TR BBQ

A scant month ago, TR gerbils from across the country made their annual pilgrimage to the sandy shores of Lake Michigan for the "second-10th" TR BBQ. Only some of the hardware that G.Skill donated as giveaway items for the event made it to the BBQ on time, though. Several prizes showed up after the festivities concluded. Ultimately, I think things worked out better this way, because it gave the TR staff time to decide who was most worthy of that second prize haul. After some discussion, it was clear that the best option was to "think of the children" and award the hardware to the winners of the first annual TR BBQ Youth Cornhole Tournament.

Our first-place winner, Hunter, is the proud new owner of a Ripjaws KM780 RGB mechanical keyboard. Completely coincidentally, I delivered the keyboard to him during his birthday party. It wasn't long before he had it plugged in and began applying a firmware update. I'm pretty sure he's been playing Overwatch on it non-stop ever since.

Our second-place winner, Andrew, took delivery of the Ripjaws SR910 - Real 7.1 headset. It's his very first PC headset, and he was super-psyched to be able to talk with his TR BBQ friends on Steam and while playing Minecraft.

Third-place honors in the tourney went to Zack, and I'm told that his new Ripjaws MX780 RGB mouse leaves his old mouse in the dust. I also have it on good authority that his older brother is pretty jealous of his new rodent.

Thanks again to G.Skill for hooking us up with some great stuff to award the kiddos. The kids' tourney was such a huge success that we'll be sure to make it part of the TR BBQ tradition. With any luck, it will become an avenue through which the next generation of gerbils can cut their teeth in the world of high-end PC hardware. See you all at next year's BBQ.

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